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Common Security: A Blueprint for Survival

Common Security: A Blueprint for Survival
By The Independent Commission on Disarmament and Security Issue
202 pp, Simon and Schuster, 1982

This is the report of the Palme Commission which was formed to examine international security problems in the way the Brandt Commission reported on international development issues. Among the more novel or interesting suggestions are the establishment of a battlefield nuclear-weapon-free zone in Central Europe, a chemical-weapon-free zone in Europe, and talks among the conventional weapons-supplier states as well as with recipient states on guidelines for regulating arms transfers. Much of the analysis regarding strategic arms covers the well-known arms control agenda. A good deal of attention is devoted to dealing with Third World tensions and insecurities. The analysis in most-not all-sections is sophisticated and realistic while forward-looking. At a time of much general interest in disarmament, this usefully brings the discussion down to specifics.