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Rethinking the U.S. Strategic Posture
Rethinking the U.S. Strategic Posture
Edited by Barry M. Blechman
Ballinger, 1982, 308 pp

This is an outstanding roundup of the principal issues concerning strategic nuclear forces and arms control in the early 1980s. The product of the Aspen Institute's Consortium on Arms Control and Security Issues meetings in the summers of 1980 and 1981, its contributors include many of the persons most knowledgeable on these questions. That new approaches are needed is well recognized; yet the policy prescriptions are, on the whole, evolutionary rather than revolutionary. Those who support the nuclear freeze in its more simplistic forms would do well to study this volume carefully, for it demonstrates the unavoidable complexity of the problem. Especially valuable is the concluding chapter, which states fairly the differing assumptions about the nuclear balance and specifies alternative outcomes.