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The Atlantic Alliance and Its Critics
The Atlantic Alliance and Its Critics
Edited by Robert W. Tucker and Linda Wrigley
Praeger, 1983, 192 pp

Writing about the crisis in the Alliance has become a cottage industry, but the essays in this volume, especially those by A. W. DePorte and Pierre Hassner, are of uncommonly high caliber. The diagnoses and prognoses differ, but some common themes are inescapable, including the view that German-U.S. relations are uniquely important and are subtly changing. Hassner writes: "The sense of identity of the two Germanies and their subjective relationship to each other, to the East and to the West, to the U.S.S.R. and to the United States, are undergoing profound changes that interact, in turn, with the changes in the United States' perception of itself and its role in the world." The book, apparently completed in the spring of 1982, remains timely and central.