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The Great-Power Triangle and Asian Security
The Great-Power Triangle and Asian Security
Edited by Raju G.C. Thomas
Lexington Books, 1983, 200 pp

The focus is the regional strategic consequences arising from the dynamics of the Sino-Soviet-U.S. triangle over the past 30 years. The highlights are Lawrence Ziring's provocative essay on Afghanistan and Stephen P. Cohen's solid commentary on Pakistan. Ziring says that the Soviets are in Afghanistan to stay and, furthermore, want more than to turn Afghanistan into a satellite. They are, he says, determined to reap territorial compensation from their Afghanistan adventure by integrating the Tajik, Turkoman, Uzbek and Kirghiz populations on the Afghan side of the Oxus River with their brethren in Soviet Central Asia. He believes that the Soviets will eventually partition Afghanistan and absorb the north and east portions while allowing Afghanistan to retain the western portion.