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New Frontiers in American-East Asian Relations
New Frontiers in American-East Asian Relations
Edited by Warren I. Cohen
Columbia University Press, 1983, 294 pp

The most interesting essay in this collection by diplomatic historians probing U.S. relations with East Asia is one written by two historians from China. They describe how, since the normalization of U.S.-Chinese relations, the history of those relations is being reassessed. Now it is being pointed out by Chinese historians that, among the imperialist powers, the United States was the only one that did not occupy Chinese territory. Further, the U.S. "open door" policy "played a definite role in restraining or delaying imperialist aggression against China." And, although American missionaries did have a negative impact, they were also of some educational and medical benefit. The Chinese historians say that, under the new circumstances, "a massive fervor to study Sino-American relations has emerged among students in China."