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Revolutionary Socialist Development in the Third World
Revolutionary Socialist Development in the Third World
Edited by Gordon White, Robin Murray, and Christine White
University Press of Kentucky, 1983, 278 pp

A comparative study of the development process in six socialist or "proto-socialist" states. Four of them (China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba) have already had a long time to put the Marxist-Leninist faith into action; the other two (Mozambique and South Yemen) are relatively new. The country chapters contain good descriptions of the guiding principles of the regimes and of the progress, or lack of it, in economic development. Each author goes his own way without hewing closely to the lines set by Gordon White in his opening overview chapter, not surprising since each of these states has gone its own way. Some of the authors tend to take the official theories a little too seriously and to underplay the price these societies have paid for their socialist systems.