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Terrorism: The Soviet Connection
Terrorism: The Soviet Connection
By Ray S. Cline and Yonah Alexander
165 pp, Crane, Russak (with the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Geo, 1984

The message of this book, an exposé of a global terror network serving a coordinated, Moscow-directed strategy of destabilizing non-communist states and promoting communist revolutions, is both a cry of alarm and a call to action. The network includes not only the KGB and the world communist parties but also the East European regimes, Cuba, Nicaragua, Vietnam, North Korea, Libya, the PLO, SWAPO, the Red Brigades, the IRA and many others. In bringing to light many facts, some confirmed, some not, the authors back up a number of their allegations, but they also allege more than they prove. The PLO is pictured as a purely terrorist organization, as much concerned with Moscow's world revolution as with Palestine. An appendix, made up of material captured by the Israelis in Lebanon in 1982, proves little more than that the U.S.S.R. consulted frequently with the PLO and provided arms and training.