Crisis in Africa: Battleground of East and West

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Crisis in Africa: Battleground of East and West

By Arthur Gavshon
Westview Press, 1984
320 pp. $30.00

Because this book was originally published (in a Penguin edition) in 1981, its title seems distinctly out of phase: where, one asks, is the battle, and what's the crisis? But despite recent Soviet passivity, particularly in the face of South African military activism, and an overriding African shift of focus to economic problems, the author's long historical perspective gives accuracy and currency to his interpretation of basic trends, both within Africa and with respect to the main outside powers (the Soviet Union, Cuba and China; the United States, Britain and France), whose aims and activities are detailed in separate chapters. With its endemic instability, the continent will continue to simmer, and occasionally burst into flames, for the foreseeable future.

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