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The Non-Aligned, the UN and the Superpowers
The Non-Aligned, the UN and the Superpowers
By Richard L. Jackson
Praeger, 1983, 315 pp

It is somewhat ironic that the Nonaligned Movement should receive its clearest and most comprehensive treatment from an American author. Richard Jackson is an outsider, but he has studied the movement thoroughly and observed it as an American diplomat at the U.N., in Washington, and in several nonaligned states. Enthusiasts will find his book too cynical and negative; critics jaded by windy declarations about disarmament and the New International Economic Order will find it too sympathetic. What Jackson shows is how the nonaligned movement, and the overlapping "Group of 77", reflect the post-colonial world and how they have dominated the U.N. agenda. Among other things he describes the pushing and pulling within the movement, including Fidel Castro's attempts to steer it down the Soviet road.