The Rock of the Wind: A Return to Africa

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The Rock of the Wind: A Return to Africa

By Denis Hills
Africana, 1984
205 pp. $19.50

Best known for his near-fatal encounter with Idi Amin in 1975, and his rescue from a Ugandan firing squad by Queen Elizabeth and British Foreign Secretary James Callaghan, Hills returns here to an Africa that both mesmerizes and repels him. The Africans' destruction of the Eden-like physical environment-through slash-and-burn cultivation and felling trees for firewood-distresses him particularly. He also broods upon the Ugandans' penchant for violence and their acceptance, even envy, of the marauding soldiery that has laid waste to the country since the days of Amin. Subjective and rambling, Hills' is still an unparalled first-hand account of land and people in rural Uganda today.

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