Vaincre la Guerre: Une Autre Défense, une Autre Armée

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Vaincre la Guerre: Une Autre Défense, une Autre Armée

By Général Étienne Copel
Lieu Commun, 1984
246 pp.

Published just as he was resigning as Deputy Chief of Staff of the French Air Force, this book is a head-on attack on France's nuclear strategy. It is all the more noteworthy because of Mitterrand's recently renewed emphasis on nuclear rather than conventional forces and the widespread political support for the force de dissuasion. General Copel compares France's reliance on nuclear deterrence to the unrealistic reliance on the Maginot line; nuclear weapons can only be used to deter other nuclear arms and therefore have limited utility. Yet his remedy will not please many who will be drawn to this line of argument, for Copel wants French defense to concentrate more on chemical warfare and the neutron bomb.

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