Arms Control and International Security; The Nuclear Weapons Freeze and Arms Control

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Arms Control and International Security

Edited by Roman Kolkowicz and Neil Joeck
Westview Press, 1984
157 pp. $18.50

The Nuclear Weapons Freeze and Arms Control

Edited by Steven E. Miller
Ballinger, 1984
208 pp. $12.00

Conferences about the nuclear issue have proliferated in the past three years in response to the growth of public concern. So has the number of volumes which record the discussions at these meetings. Necessarily, they are partly overtaken by events by the time they are published (often more than two years) and very brief on a variety of issues. But they do gauge the intensity and richness of the debate. The two books above are among the best of the genre. The first is the product of a conference at the Center on International Security and Arms Control at UCLA, which was intended to kick off a University of California program to discuss these problems. The second comes from Harvard's Center for Science and International Affairs and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and discusses almost every aspect of the nuclear freeze issue.

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