The Emerging Pacific Community: A Regional Perspective

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The Emerging Pacific Community: A Regional Perspective

Edited by Robert L. Downen and Bruce J. Dickson
Westview Press, 1984
245 pp.

The product of a conference sponsored by Georgetown's Center for Strategic Studies, this volume contains a variety of views about the value of the emerging Pacific Community concept. Some of the participants, including former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, believe that there are real grounds for optimism about the future of the Pacific Community. Others are skeptical. One ASEAN participant insists that the ASEAN countries need assurance that such a Community will not be a "camouflaged anti-Soviet group," a subtle device to split ASEAN from the rest of the developing world, or an effort to maneuver the ASEAN countries into dependency on the U.S. and Japan. Such statements reflect continuing suspicion about the idea in Southeast Asia.

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