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Nevoennye Factory Sily vo Vneshnei Politike S.Sh.A
Nevoennye Factory Sily vo Vneshnei Politike S.Sh.A
By I. L. Sheidina
Nauka, 1984, 350 pp

A product of present-day Americology in the U.S.S.R.-sophisticated, packed with data, freely and knowledgeably citing American sources including the leading theorists of international relations-all to the end of explaining and documenting the non-military factors in U.S. foreign policy. These economic, scientific-technological, ideological and political-diplomatic factors or instruments are described as serving a strategy (familiar to readers of Soviet literature on this subject) of exerting pressure on the socialist countries, reducing the independence of Third World states to neocolonial dependence, keeping Western allies and associates in line, and expanding the influence and domain of capitalism.