Nuclear Forces in Europe: Enduring Dilemmas, Present Prospects

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Nuclear Forces in Europe: Enduring Dilemmas, Present Prospects

By Leon V. Sigal
Brookings, 1984
181 pp. $22.95

By this time there is little new that can be said about the 1979 "dual track" decision on the deployment of cruise missiles and Pershing IIs, the political conditions that preceded the decision, and the great debate that ensued. Yet, Sigal's study pulls it all together exceedingly well. Beyond marshalling the many complex details and arguments, he evokes the many paradoxes in the INF debate, the contradictions and inconsistencies that often result when nuclear weapons become mixed with politics. He leaves the reader appropriately concerned about the future: the Soviet response of new deployments beginning this year, and the breakdown of arms control, may be less easily reversed in the coming year or two than some people believe.

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