Poland's Self-Limiting Revolution

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Poland's Self-Limiting Revolution

By Jadwiga Staniszkis
Princeton University Press, 1984
352 pp. $25.00

The first version of this unusual book, completed in 1980 before the Gdansk strikes, was an original analysis of the nature of the Polish regime up to that time. The author then became a participant in the stormy events of the next 18 months, which she uses to test, supplement and transform her earlier study. The story of the revolution is written in pieces between September 1980 and January 1982, each of which captures the moods of the moment; all are disciplined and often brilliant interpretations. Dr. Staniszkis writes in the language of sociology and political science, with much attention to categories and definitions, but there is no oversimplification here; on the contrary, the study demonstrates the complexity, inconsistencies and division of all the forces involved (Party, Church, Solidarity, and others).

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