Roy Jenkins: A Biography

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Roy Jenkins: A Biography

By John Campbell
St. Martin's, 1983
256 pp. $22.50

An admiring, but not uncritical, biography of this ambitious, aloof and gifted politician. Impeccably proletarian by background, Jenkins became a worldly intellectual, an elegant writer, a Gaitskellite and Europeanist by temperament and conviction. A highly successful Minister in several Cabinets, he resigned the deputy leadership of the Labour Party over an issue concerning Europe, became president of the EEC, and returned to England in 1980 to help found the Social Democratic Party, of which he became the leader. This is a highly readable, chatty book, written with the hope that Mr. Jenkins may still end up at No. 10-a hope that an astounding number of his countrymen would have to learn to share before it could be realized.

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