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The Sino-Soviet Border Dispute in the 1970s
The Sino-Soviet Border Dispute in the 1970s
By Tien-hua Tsui
Mosaic Press, 1984, 151 pp

This compact volume represents an important contribution to the literature on the Sino-Soviet rivalry. Based on original research in Chinese, Russian and English sources, it analyzes the historical evolution of the border, the frontier confrontation in the 1970s, the border negotiations after 1969, and the "academic war" between Soviet and Chinese publicists concerning the respective merits of each country's position. What gives this volume particular significance is that the author is an official in the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs who served in the Chinese embassy in Canada and completed this volume while studying at McMaster University. He thinks it is unlikely that the Soviets will modify their "obdurate position" on the border talks or reduce their military presence along the border; therefore, "it seems debatable to what degree the Soviet Union can obtain closer ties with China. . . ."