Strategy and Diplomacy, 1870-1945: Eight Studies

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Strategy and Diplomacy, 1870-1945: Eight Studies

By Paul Kennedy
Allen & Unwin, 1984
254 pp. $24.95

Essays on a wide range of 19th- and 20th-century subjects, always treated with a clear eye for the connections between strategy, politics and economics. In many of these essays (e.g., on the tradition of appeasement in British policy from 1865, or "Arms races and the causes of war, 1850-1945") Kennedy suggests the relevance of past experience to the present. A prodigiously prolific British historian, now happily entrapped at Yale, he habitually picks audacious themes and handles them with great intelligence, insight, and mischievous, instructive wit. Is there perhaps a distant and unconscious link between the virtues of his style (and that of his fellow historians, past and present) and the British success he depicts in his light-hearted but ever-so-serious essay: "Why Did The British Empire Last So Long?"

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