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Threats to Security in East Asia-Pacific
Threats to Security in East Asia-Pacific
Edited by Charles E. Morrison
Lexington Books, 1983, 221 pp

The result of a Pacific Forum project to analyze divergent perceptions of threats to East Asian security, this book is of uniformly high quality. It contains chapters on the ASEAN countries, Japan, South Korea and Australia, as well as some overarching chapters by American and Asian scholars. There is a considerable disagreement on the seriousness of the "Soviet threat": many of the Asians consider it only one of a variety of threats and not necessarily the most pressing. With regard to China, although the Thai participants generally find China a valuable ally in containing Vietnam, other Asians contemplate it with fear. The most striking feature of most of the chapters written by Southeast Asian participants is that they deal primarily with internal problems as the most serious threats to security.