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Conventional Deterrence: Alternatives for European Defense
Conventional Deterrence: Alternatives for European Defense
Edited by James R. Golden, Asa A. Clark and Bruce E. Arlingh
Lexington Books, 1984, 245 pp

An extended trans-Atlantic discussion, still in its early stages, over improving conventional defense in Europe is the natural follow-up to the debates of recent years over "no first use" and the INF deployments. The essays in this book, written mainly by faculty members at West Point, constitute an excellent framework or guide for the discussion. Ideas for developing new conventional technologies and for adopting new military tactics (such as "deep-strike" into the rear echelons of the Warsaw Pact forces) have now been tabled within NATO. But their political, economic and military costs and benefits need to be more fully examined. This book makes a useful contribution to that end.