Crisis in the Philippines: A Threat to U.S. Interests

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Crisis in the Philippines: A Threat to U.S. Interests

By A. James Gregor
Ethics and Public Policy Center, 1984
110 pp. $6.00

This is one of the best short accounts of the developments leading up to the crisis sparked by the assassination of Benigno Aquino in 1983. There is a reasonably balanced treatment of the accomplishments and failures of the Marcos administration and a list of recommendations for American policy. What is misleading, however, is the author's insistence on lumping together all the elements of the moderate opposition and his argument that the two basic positions of this opposition are to restore a "nationalist" economic program and to abrogate the U.S.-Philippine military base agreement. In fact some of the opposition leaders have refused to sign a recent statement calling for abrogation, and even among the signers there are differences of view. Moreover, it is not clear what economic policies the opposition leaders are likely to pursue if they ever come to power. The evidence is more ambiguous than the author suggests.

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