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To Get Rich Is Glorious: China in the 80's
To Get Rich Is Glorious: China in the 80's
By Orville Schell
Pantheon, 1984, 210 pp

The author, once an enthusiastic supporter of Mao Zedong's efforts to revolutionize China, is clearly unsettled by the breathtaking pace of change in post-Mao China and, at least by implication, he questions the direction in which China is now heading. He quotes one Chinese friend: "First the Party spends 30 years tearing down the bourgeoisie because they are supposedly hindering the Chinese Revolution. Now it is going to spend 30 years building them back up to help carry out the Chinese Revolution." Still, this is the most vivid account yet written of the decollectivization and decentralization of the Chinese economy and of the efforts to lure foreign business and tourism to the country.