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U.S. Troops in Europe
U.S. Troops in Europe
By Phil Williams
Routledge & Kegan Paul/Royal Institute of International Affairs, 1984, 87 pp

The Nunn-Roth Amendment and the current debate over improving the conventional defense of Europe through the use of "emerging technologies" and the adoption of "deep strike" military strategies are all related to a basic issue: U.S. troop levels in Europe. This is an excellent and timely study of the issue-substantively sound, mature in judgment, concise and easily read. Williams sees the possibility of some reductions in the American presence without deleterious consequences, but it would have to be done carefully within a comprehensive reappraisal of respective European and American roles and responsibilities, including a reexamination of NATO's military strategy. The major ideas in the continuing debate among politicians and experts are properly identified and well discussed.