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Anti-Americanism in the Third World
Anti-Americanism in the Third World
Edited by Alvin Z. Rubinstein and Donald E. Smith
Praeger, 1985, 282 pp

Anti-Americanism has long been evident in the Third World, but it is nearly impossible to define it with any precision, establish its causes, understand its implications and find means of doing something about it. This volume, a "first cut" in the words of the editors, covers the topic by country and by area and at the U.N., in specialized contributions of a generally high quality. They paint a broad picture which impresses with its demonstration of the depth of the differences between the U.S. and the Third World-in cultural and social values, historical experience, economic practice and political psychology, to say nothing of clashing national interests. These differences will not be eliminated by any feasible policy changes or U.S. information programs. They do require greater comprehension and more "cuts" after this one.