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Europe, Africa and Lomé III
Europe, Africa and Lomé III
Edited by Robert Boardman, Timothy M. Shaw and Panayotis Sol
University Press of America/Dalhousie: Dalhousie University, 1985, 168 pp

As this bleak and realistic assessment of the European Community's pioneering contract with the African, Caribbean and Pacific countries sums it up, LomT has been better than nothing, but just barely. While Community exports to the ACP countries have risen, the ACP's share of Europe's trade with the Third World has declined since the first treaty in 1975. Moreover, the "equal partnership" concept has steadily given way to the present European quest for greatly increased conditionality in all resource transfers. Still, the contributors concur, LomT has provided a reliable form of assistance, and its contractual form is a precedent that should not be abandoned.