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Afghanistan: Inside a Rebel Stronghold
Afghanistan: Inside a Rebel Stronghold
By Mike Martin. Poole
Blanford Press, 1984, 256 pp

This is a vivid account by a British journalist who traveled 1,300 kilometers on foot during more than four months in Afghanistan and spent five weeks in Peshawar talking to refugees and resistance leaders. He stresses the Mujahedeen hatred of the Russians. According to the author resistance is growing stronger and the Russians have no chance of pacifying the country without bringing in several hundred thousand more troops. He deplores the lack of antiaircraft missiles from the West which could be used against low-flying Soviet gunships. The author also points up one unsettling aspect of the Mujahedeen-the fact that at least one influential element, the Hezb-i-Islami, identifies with Iranian fundamentalism and is as much anti-American as it is anti-Soviet. According to some in the Hezb, the world is divided into Western imperialism, godless communism and corrupt Muslim countries, which seems to be all of them except Afghanistan and Iran.