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Poland 1980-81: Solidarity Versus the Party
Poland 1980-81: Solidarity Versus the Party
By Nicholas G. Andrews
National Defense University Press, 1985, 351 pp

The brief period of Poland's semi-freedom had many facets. Andrews chooses one, the dynamics of action and reaction, negotiation and conflict, between the Communist Party and Solidarity, without ignoring others such as the role of the church and the interests of outside powers. His account tells of choices apparently open and opportunities missed by moderates on both sides, proceeding with the inevitability of Greek tragedy to Jaruzelski's coup in December 1981. Andrews, a foreign service officer with prior experience in Poland and in East European affairs, witnessed these events as U.S. deputy chief of mission in Warsaw. The book reads like a report to the State Department: well prepared, informed, straightforward, impersonal, undramatic.