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Triad Power: The Coming Shape of Global Competition
Triad Power: The Coming Shape of Global Competition
By Kenichi Ohmae
Free Press, 1985, 220 pp

Multinational corporations are out of date if they are organized to deal with the world as a single economy or combination of 100-odd countries, says the managing director of McKinsey & Company's Tokyo office. The key to success is to have a strong domestic position in North America, Japan or Western Europe, and at the same time be an "insider" in the other two markets, often through joint ventures. Cheap labor and expanding markets in newly industrializing countries have their place, but only as they fit into the larger scheme of things. Interesting examples support the main argument of this lively book, as well as a number of other contentions, such as that Western firms have done better inside Japan than is generally thought, while the Japanese have had trouble doing as well abroad as at home.