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A Vietcong Memoir
A Vietcong Memoir
By Truong Nhu Tang
Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1985, 368 pp

This is a moving if rather nSive account of life as a Vietnamese revolutionary, written by one of the Vietcong's highest-ranking leaders who is now in exile in the West. Thoroughly disillusioned, the author describes how Hanoi used Southern "bourgeois" revolutionaries to overthrow the Saigon government and then quickly shunted them aside after victory. It is unfortunate that Southern patriots such as this one did not understand earlier the nature of the Hanoi regime they served so well. To this day the author, while critical of all the key actors in the Vietnam drama-the North, the Thieu government and the United States-does not devote much space to self-criticism. Yet as one of Saigon's privileged elite, he cooperated directly or indirectly with Hanoi for 20 years.