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Galilee Divided: The Israel-Lebanon Frontier, 1916-1984
Galilee Divided: The Israel-Lebanon Frontier, 1916-1984
By Frederick C. Hof
Westview Press, 1985, 134 pp

A well-tailored monograph on the problems on and around the southern boundary of Lebanon from the time it was first established by the French and British after World War I. In time the author turns to the Zionist thirst for the waters of the Litani River, the impotence and neglect of the southern region and its Shia inhabitants on the part of all Lebanese governments, the coming of the PLO, Israel's policies and actions on grounds of security, and finally the war of 1982 and the unsettled issues left in its wake. One sound conclusion: insecurity and violence will continue on this frontier as long as there is no Lebanese government capable of maintaining order in southern Lebanon and as long as the larger regional conflicts persist.