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The Heavy Dancers: Writings On War, Past and Future
The Heavy Dancers: Writings On War, Past and Future
By E. P. Thompson
Pantheon, 1985, 361 pp

A leading spokesman for the European peace movement and the British campaign for nuclear disarmament sets forth his beliefs and, with a good deal of ad hominem argument, describes and defends his and others' efforts on behalf of the cause. Some of the material is reprinted from the past, including his side of the debate with Secretary Caspar Weinberger at the Oxford Union in 1984; much of it is new and up to date. Thompson's shafts are aimed primarily at the cold war itself and the establishments in Washington and Moscow (including Moscow's own managed "peace movement") which live by it. His goal is the growth of a nonaligned peace movement that bypasses governments, a "democratic internationalism of the citizenry East and West." However questionable his ideas may be from the standpoint of Western security, however utopian the vision, the movement is likely to persist as long as the cold war goes on.