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Israel: The Partitioned State
Israel: The Partitioned State
By Amos Perlmutter
Scribner, 1985, 398 pp

Amos Perlmutter's history of Zionism and Israel is not a standard chronological narrative; it is selective and episodic, skipping forward and backward in time. The book is centered on two generations of leaders-from Weizmann, Jabotinsky and Ben-Gurion to Begin, Dayan and Peres-in the light of the continuing issues such as statehood, borders, immigration and settlement, that have shaped the achievements of this people which in many respects has not yet coalesced as a nation and a state. Perlmutter knows the political literature and has talked and worked with many of the principal actors. He writes, therefore, with considerable authority. This is, however, history seen from the viewpoint of Zionism and Israel and is loaded with the author's personal opinions. He writes with the same assurance, but with less authority, on British, American and Arab policies.