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Soviet-American Horizons on the Pacific
Soviet-American Horizons on the Pacific
Edited by John J. Stephan and V. P. Chichkanov
University of Hawaii Press, 1986, 175 pp

This is a collaborative effort by Soviet and American scholars designed to survey the prospects for increased economic and scientific cooperation between the Soviet Far East and the American Far West. Some indication of the difficulties can be gleaned from the American editor's statement in the introduction: "During the review process of the Russian-language edition, a Soviet referee suggested adding a critical commentary to the chapters written by American authors. In the interest of maintaining reciprocity, the American authors expressed hope that this process would not be implemented. . . ." Maintaining scholarly cooperation with a country that insists on "correcting" the views of foreign scholars before they are published in the U.S.S.R. will indeed be difficult. In spite of this and other hurdles, this is a praiseworthy effort to increase mutual understanding.