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Camp David: Peacemaking and Politics
Camp David: Peacemaking and Politics
By William B. Quandt
Brookings, 1986, 426 pp

With the Camp David meeting serving as the climax, this book is a detailed study of U.S. policy toward the Arab-Israeli conflict throughout the entire Carter Administration. With the author's earlier volume, Decade of Decisions, it completes an authoritative account of 15 crucial years that should be a standard work. Quandt writes as a participant in the process and as a thoughtful, proven scholar, an expert on international diplomacy and on the Middle East. He concedes that new facts and interpretations may be forthcoming from the Arab or the Israeli side-most of the Americans involved (notably Carter, Vance and Brzezinski) have had their say-but if there are any gaps in the story, they are hard to find.