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In the Eye of the Storm: A Memoir
In the Eye of the Storm: A Memoir
By Kurt Waldheim
Adler & Adler, 1986, 269 pp

This is not a full-length autobiography, and it skips lightly over Waldheim's early years, with no reference to his now-controversial tour of duty with the Wehrmacht in World War II. Mainly it is an accounting of his U.N. stewardship during the 1972-1982 decade, with its storms over the Yom Kippur War, Cyprus, Lebanon, Iran, Afghanistan and elsewhere, from a vantage point different from that of those who think in terms of strictly national policy. The book is sober and cautious, but there is blunt comment on the arms race and spice to be found in Waldheim's impressions of world leaders and diplomats, including some resident in Washington.