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Security Implications of Nationalism in Eastern Europe
Security Implications of Nationalism in Eastern Europe
Edited by Jeffrey Simon and Trond Gilberg
Westview Press, 1986, 325 pp

The dozen papers that make up this book find more than a dozen ways of looking at Eastern Europe's history, current problems and international significance, going well beyond the efforts of the editors, and of the U.S. Army War College which sponsored the exercise, to wrap up the book's subject in a neat package centered on security. Much of it will be, for the initiated, tedious; for the general reader, too detailed. However, there is valuable material and interesting reading here, particularly on the role of the military in the U.S.S.R. and in other Warsaw Pact states. The list of contributors includes some of the leading lights in the field such as Lincoln Gordon (on the economy), Walter Connor (on social change), Vernon Aspaturian (on Soviet military) and Andrzej Korbonski (on Poland).