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Zia's Pakistan: Politics and Stability in a Frontline State
Zia's Pakistan: Politics and Stability in a Frontline State
Edited by Craig Baxter
Westview Press, 1986, 122 pp

This is a very competent collection of essays seeking to evaluate the stability of the present military government in Pakistan. The conclusion by Robert LaPorte is that Zia still commands support from most of the Pakistani elite. The dynamic economy-six percent growth per year in recent years-has helped him, as has the fact that millions of Pakistani workers earn foreign exchange in the Persian Gulf states and remit a substantial part of their earnings. The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan has been a unifying factor, and has led to considerable financial support of Pakistan from foreign countries, including the United States, the Gulf states and several European countries. Finally, Zia's efforts to provide limited political participation have appealed to at least a portion of the urban classes. Still, most of the authors hedge their bets in various ways and are particularly wary of the effects of an economic downturn.