China and the Superpowers

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China and the Superpowers

By Roy A. Medvedev
Basil Blackwell, 1986
280 pp. $19.95

The well-known Soviet commentator argues that the Soviet Union, while anxious to improve relations with China, has so far done little to bring this about. He calls for "new initiatives." Among these are a Soviet acknowledgment that many of the 19th-century treaties were unequal and unjust. He wants the Soviets to reduce and gradually redeploy their forces on China's border. China's economic drive could benefit from Soviet equipment and technology, and trade could increase tenfold to match Soviet-Indian levels. China could, as in the 1950s, organize the mass training of its cadres in the Soviet Union. And Chinese manual labor could be used, as Vietnamese labor is now being used, on large building projects in the Soviet Far East and Siberia, where there is an acute labor shortage. Medvedev's views probably reflect those of a small minority of Soviet intellectuals; whether they will turn out to be influential remains an open question.

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