The End of the Palestine Mandate

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The End of the Palestine Mandate

Edited by William Roger Louis and Robert W. Stookey
University of Texas Press, 1986
181 pp. $20.00

It was a fruitful idea to ask a panel of scholars to review the events of four decades ago that marked the British departure from Palestine, the decision for partition and the birth of Israel. The separate contributions on the strategies and policies of Britain, the United States, the Soviet Union, and the Jewish and Arab leaderships are all first-rate, with each author drawing on his own research and publications in recent years. The result is not revisionism on a grand scale, but the picture we have now is clearer and richer in detail, particularly on British decisions and on Zionist strategy. At the end, J. C. Hurewitz, a veteran in this field, contributes a measured historical overview.

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