Political Organizations in Socialist Yugoslavia

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Political Organizations in Socialist Yugoslavia

By Jim Seroka and Radoš Smiljkovic
Duke University Press, 1986
321 pp. $49.50

In a unique experiment in international collaboration, two political scientists, one American and one Yugoslav, have produced a weighty textbook on Yugoslavia's institutions and how they work, complete with organization charts and the results of recent polls and surveys. They discuss the respective (and often overlapping) roles of the League of Communists, the Socialist Alliance, the trade unions and the youth organization. A frequently repeated and quite valid point is that the system differs fundamentally from those in the Soviet bloc as well as the West. In view of the bewildering complexity of the political theories and constitutional law, it is no wonder if Yugoslav citizens and outside observers alike are left in some confusion about Yugoslavia. The book seems remote from reality but is right in saying that Yugoslav institutions have changed drastically over time and continue to do so.

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