Eisenhower: At War, 1943-1945; Ike: His Life and Times

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Eisenhower: At War, 1943-1945

By David Eisenhower
Random House, 1986
977 pp. $29.95

Ike: His Life and Times

By Piers Brendon
Harper & Row, 1986
417 pp. $21.95

David Eisenhower's study of his grandfather as commander of Allied forces in Europe in World War II is on the scale of Martin Gilbert's biography of Churchill. The book has been justly acclaimed for its solid research, clear writing and fair portrait of the general. Although it contains less novelty than the dust jacket suggests, the book is an excellent narrative of the problems of high command, and demonstrates the truth of the adage that there is no clear line separating military and political considerations. Piers Brendon, a British writer, takes on all of Dwight Eisenhower's life. The prose is lively, and the intent is to deflate the current exalted reputation Eisenhower enjoys among historians, without returning to the 1950s liberal caricature of the tongue-tied anti-intellectual more interested in golf than the presidency.

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