Star Wars in a Nuclear World; L'initiative de Defense Strategique et la Securite de l'Europe

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Star Wars in a Nuclear World

By Lord Zuckerman
William Kimber, 1986
226 pp.

L'initiative de Defense Strategique et la Securite de l'Europe

Edited by Pierre Lellouche
French Institute for International Relations, 1986
210 pp.

Informed European analysis of the global strategic consequences of the Strategic Defense Initiative has been relatively slow in developing. The reasons are several: uncertainty as to how seriously to take President Reagan's "vision" of a transition from offense to defense; the lure of participating in the technological research; the reluctance to confront politically the United States now on a system that will take decades to move from research to deployment; and the uncertain impact on arms control. Lord Zuckerman, a former principal British scientific adviser, is an exception as he has maintained a running commentary in various publications. These generally critical views of SDI, always written in an erudite and elegant manner, are brought together in this volume. Included also are some chapters on the relationship among scientific advisers, bureaucrats and politicians-a subject that has long been a personal concern to the author and on which he contributes much wisdom honed by practical experience.

The volume from the French Institute of International Relations is a first-rate analysis of all the key issues. The authors are of differing nationalities and perspectives, and the tone is analytical rather than polemical. It would be difficult to improve upon this balanced and authoritative work, and its publication in France is to be applauded.

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