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Clandestine Radio Broadcasting
Clandestine Radio Broadcasting
By Lawrence C. Soley and John S. Nichols
Praeger, 1986, 288 pp

Clandestine broadcasting is "illegal, political, and frequently misleading." It is also often difficult to track down where it is coming from, who is controlling it, and how effective it is. In this ambitious and impressive study two academic specialists in the field of political communication have endeavored to cover the history of such broadcasts from the beginnings in the 1930s through the use of psychological warfare and deception in World War II to the manifold practice of "gray" and "black" propaganda that has punctuated the conflicts of the postwar period. The latter part of the book deals with areas of special interest (e.g., East Europe, the Caribbean and Central America, East Asia) where Soviet agencies and the CIA have been especially active.