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Egypt and the Politics of U.S. Economic Aid
Egypt and the Politics of U.S. Economic Aid
By Marvin G. Weinbaum
Westview Press, 1986, 192 pp

It is difficult to generalize across the board about the U.S. foreign aid program, but Egypt is an admirable candidate for a careful case study: definite (though not always congruent) objectives on the part of Washington and Cairo and a massive effort in terms of resources, planning and administration to attain them. Weinbaum, a keen observer and sympathetic critic, had access to the relevant data (much of it here in useful tables) and also saw the program in action. He looks at it from many angles and shows how what often seems sensible from the American standpoint is unacceptable or unworkable in Egypt. He has no pat answers to the dilemmas of reform, but neither have the two governments and their assorted experts. Meanwhile, presumably, the program will go on as long as it pays off politically.