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Managed Trade: The New Competition Between Nations
Managed Trade: The New Competition Between Nations
By Raymond J. Waldmann
Ballinger, 1986, 218 pp

"The movement toward managed trade is irreversible," says the author. Nevertheless, the United States should "form a free trade area with like-minded countries to preserve the largest possible liberal economic environment." This is to be done by stressing reciprocity, fortifying GATT, strengthening the North American economy as a whole and revising fair trade laws "so as to diminish criticism that [their effect is] protectionist." These not-altogether-persuasive prescriptions come in the last 20 pages of what is otherwise a comprehensive, condensed and somewhat simplified survey of the many forms of government intervention in international trade. The account gains when the author touches on his experience in the State and Commerce Departments and the White House. As he is now director of government affairs for Boeing, one wishes he said more about the curious mix of free and managed trade in the aircraft industry.