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Mission to Tehran

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Mission to Tehran

Mission to Tehran
By General Robert Huyser
Bessie/Harper, 1987 306 pp. $20.95 Purchase

General Huyser adds his soldier's story to the accounts which other high officials have given of the revolution in Iran. It is an important portrayal, to be read along with the testimony of those others, and especially with Gary Sick's aptly titled All Fall Down. Huyser's primary purpose is to show how he carried out his not-very-clear instructions, and this he does in a factual description of his daily activities, taken up largely in contacts, conversations and exhortations with the chiefs of the Iranian armed forces and in telephoned reports to the secretary of defense in Washington. Secondarily, he wants to explode the numerous false charges and rumors surrounding his mission. The confusion and conflicts of ideas in Washington did not help, nor did the unresolved differences with Ambassador Sullivan in Tehran. Did Huyser go there to organize a military coup? No, except as a last resort, and by that time it was too late. And, from his own evidence, the Iranian military leaders were hardly up to the decisive role he and some in Washington had in mind for them.

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