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The Political Status of Puerto Rico
The Political Status of Puerto Rico
Edited by Pamela S. Falk
Lexington Books, 1986, 125 pp

Representing the completion of a project begun in 1982 by the Americas Society and its affiliate, the Center for Inter-American Relations, this volume of essays explores the principal issues involved in the deepening problems of Puerto Rico and in the troubled island-continental relationship. All aspects are treated; all island political parties and many significant Puerto Rican personalities are heard from. The first essay sketches the historical matrix and advances the thesis, rich in controversy and difficulty, that the initiative in finding solutions should come not from Puerto Rico but from Washington; that the need of the moment is process rather than product; and that the process might well consist of a congressional joint committee on Puerto Rico, with island representation, to clarify issues, seek consensus, identify what is acceptable to Washington, and develop public opinion.