The Soviet Propaganda Machine

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The Soviet Propaganda Machine

By Martin Ebon
McGraw-Hill, 1987
439 pp. $19.95

This book is for the general reader, one relatively uninformed about the Soviet propaganda effort. It contains quite a mixture, as snatches of history, explanations of policy, descriptions of propaganda instruments (Pravda, etc.) and sketches of the personalities and careers of participants-political leaders, Comintern agents, propagandists and manipulators (from Karl Radek and Willy Münzenberg to Georgi Arbatov and Vladimir Posner), KGB agents in journalistic disguise, and a variety of American and other fellow travelers-follow each other in not-so-disciplined order. The author's points are generally on the mark, although some of them misfire, and he tends to give the Soviets too much credit for effectiveness.

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