Sowjetische Afrikapolitik in der "Ara Gorbochev"

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Sowjetische Afrikapolitik in der "Ara Gorbochev"

By Winrich Kuhne
Haus Eggenberg, 1986
146 pp.

A short but insightful study of how Soviet advances in three African countries in the 1970s have turned out. The conclusions are mixed but largely negative from both the ideological and the geostrategic standpoint. Mozambique is a prime example of mutual disillusionment; the others (Angola and Ethiopia) are not so clear. The evidence is strong, however, that in all cases Moscow has had to take account of the failure of ideology and of the limitations on military supplies as a source of influence-but also that it will not accept setbacks which call into question the status of the U.S.S.R. as a superpower. The record contains some lessons for U.S. policy that do not seem to have been learned.

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